Summer 2013.

summer recap.

i have been meaning to write this post FOREVER but finally have some time now post MCAT! fingers crossed that i won’t have to retake it but it’s still kind of surreal that i’m actually done with all my MCAT studying (at least for now…). and now, onto real summer!! for the last week, at least. (: in general, i’ve had a lot of fun this summer learning new things, meeting new people, enjoying all the amenities of home (aka food all day, every day), and becoming familiar with my new “hometown.”

like i had mentioned previously, this summer i got to intern with the office of minority health and learned a lot about the social determinants of health and all the social factors that can really influence somebody’s health. all of the interns also had the opportunity to write a blog post for the npa blog so check out my post here! it was cool to be able to write about a topic that i’m personally pretty interested in and be able to relate it back to the work that OMH is doing. with the beginning of august, the end of the internship came (who knew that 8 weeks could go by so quickly?) but i am very grateful for my wonderful supervisor and my hilarious department. everybody at the office was always so friendly and welcoming to all of the interns so it was sad to leave, although i’m sure that i can visit the office soon enough since i live so close!

Image^with my mentor/supervisor and the OMH director at the intern farewell party!  Continue reading


entering week three.

two weeks of intern life: check!

it’s been really interesting working at the office of minority health (OMH) these past couple of weeks. i’m interning in the division of program operations, which is basically their grants office, and helping my supervisor do grant reviews as well as working on my own project reviewing projects that states have implemented with the grant money provided by OMH. the mission of the agency is to eliminate health disparities by focusing on social determinatns of health. it’s actually really cool to see some of the projects that are being implemented because i just spent an entire semester learning about the social factors of health in soc190! a lot of the people at this agency are also people who have professionally worked in the healthcare industry before (the director used to be a pediatrician!) so i’ve had a wonderful time talking to them about their experiences as well.


^that’s my office building! OMH occupies the sixth floor.

as for office life, i have my own office and finally got my computer set up as of last week. my supervisor lets me listen to music while i work so i’ve been making playlists to listen to while i work. music suggestions welcome! there are a couple of other interns in the office as well but they all sit together in a office on the other side of the floor. it gets lonely sometimes (federal agency people work from home a lot!) but i usually get lunch with the other interns which has been fun! there’s not much around our building (read: nothing) so i’ve been bringing lunch everyday. trying to think of more creative things beside sandwiches and fried rice…


^helloooo capitol


^washington monument is currently under repairs but still a beautiful view from the steps of the lincoln memorial!

the fellowship program that i’m a part of, international leadership foundation (ilf), has been keeping me busy outside of work with weekly leadership seminars, monument tours, fellow dinners, etc. it’s been tiring but so great to meet the other fellows! there are people working at all different agencies and it’s nice to be around people who have interests that are vastly different from my own. 


^i love visitors. ❤ ❤ 


^fried green tomatoes and vegetable sandwich. nom nom.

last weekend, an oaasis 2012 alum visited DC and it was so fun getting to spend the afternoon with her! we went to a couple of museums and ate at founding fathers, which was delicious! we were too late for their brunch menu but got to try their famous fried green tomatoes which were very good. i was nervous at first about spending a summer in DC because i didn’t really know many harvard people who would be here but turns out there are more than i thought! i randomly bumped into one of my friends after eating and ended up meeting up with a bunch of people from school for dinner! it’s been nice to see familiar faces. (: 


^world war II memorial at night

and this past weekend, ilf brought us on a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR tour of all of the famous monuments and memorials in DC. we went to a total of 8 and didn’t end until 11:30pm! it was super tiring but nice to bond with some of the other interns as well as learn more about the history behind many of the memorials. 


^DC’s attempt at “chinatown” aka a gate, a couple of restaurants and just one bubble tea shop. ONE. 

plans for the upcoming weeks: work, remember to water my supervisor’s plant while she’s on vacation, hardcore mcat studying, more hardcore mcat studying, participate in my agency’s bake off, wine&cheese night with fellow interns, and more! 

long overdue (end of jr year + china summer 2013).

it has been a really long time since i’ve last updated. i don’t think many people read my blog but that’s okay. it’s been a good way to keep track of things i’ve been up to for myself even though i haven’t written much this past year.


junior year kind of ended in a blur. time seems to be going so quickly yet there were nights during junior year where i would sit in my suite, with none of my roommates home, and try to really take in everything. i only have one year left at the place i have really come to call home these past three years and i want to make the most of them. the end of the year came senior goodbyes, birthday celebrations, a spontaneous zipcar trip to plymouth, finals, and frantic packing. the friendships i’ve made here have been so incredible and i can’t wait to see what senior year brings. SENIOR YEAR. still in denial. 

image image

post finals, i immediately hopped on a plane and was off to china again! this time, mainly for my cousin’s wedding and to show my childhood best friend my culture and the other side of the world. needless to say, it was an amazing trip. we got to travel to multiple different cities (shanghai, nanjing, wuxi, suzhou, hangzhou, beijing) and spent a lot of time together, which was nice. picture updates below but if i were to sum up my two week trip to china in three words, it would be have to be some combination of popsicles, sun and besties. (:

image image image image image

and now, back home in my new home of maryland where i’ll be interning at the office of minority health as part of the international leadership foundation program. also studying for the MCATs which is forever looming in my mind. excited for a good summer here near the district! the weather is VERY humid and VERY bipolar. today we had a tornado warning for about 30 minutes with insane winds and rain and twenty minutes later…it was as if nothing had happened. weird. but regardless, happy to be home and happy it’s summer!