College Year One.


the end of college came way too fast. i only got to spend a couple of days at home but seriously, i think i ate more in one day than i did all week at school. seriously. the first day, we went to eat all-you-can-eat sushi buffet at Minado. anything that combines “all you can eat” and “sushi” spells awesomeness. but let’s just say, i wore some pretty tight jeans, which may not have been the smartest choice. 

plate one: sushi assortment, oyster, squid salad, one piece of broccoli tempura

i was really excited that my sister decided to come home this weekend!! it was fun to just catch up and talk about a lot of things. i feel really lucky sometimes to have an older sister who has gone through a lot of things that i have already gone through. with all the stress that came along with freshman year, it was nice to talk to somebody who had been through basically the same experience, just at a different school.

plate two: more oysters, more sushi, KINGG crab legs

i spy my dad’s chopsticks sneaking into the picture stealing my piece of mango sushi! my sister told me that oysters were really good so i decided to give them a try. they’re kind of weird… you basically just slurp up this raw piece of seafood. so bizarre. but actually, surprisingly good. except i don’t think i could eat more than three at one sitting. apparently they’re also really high in cholesterol. great. guess i’ll have to start eating cheerios to lower mine…

plate three: japanese eggplant, miso soup, squid skewer, dimsum, fried rice, spicy tuna roll

by this time, i really didn’t think i could eat any more…but of course, i did. ah. such a problem. but the food was way too good. mmmm. spicy tuna rolls are my favorite. and then add on tons of pineapple and a cream puff to this, i have to say that i had a VERY filling meal. 

i wish i would be able to spend more time at home before leaving for china. since my sister was home, we had a late birthday/mother’s day celebration with the entire family. as usual, we had the asian sponge cake from chinatown that is SO GOOD. omg. yum. i think i ate three slices in just one day. ahh

i want to stay home and eat more yummy foooood!! and just rest. but now, i’m sitting at the san fran airport waiting for my flight to beijing! i’m pretty excited to go abroad again and see what there is in store. but at the same time, i feel kind of rushed going right from school to china. we’ll see what happens!! hopefully the internet in china isn’t too crappy…



today will be my last night as a freshman. last night sitting here at my desk in pennypacker. had my last official meal in annenberg as a freshman. last night that i’ll be able to walk to berryline, order and walk back within ten minutes. goodbye first year of college!

it’s weird to think that just eight months ago, i came in having no idea what to expect from college. people told me that college was going to be some of the best years of my life. i was skeptical at first and i have to say that after a full year, i’m not sure if i’m completely convinced. sure, college has been fun. i’ve met TONS of amazing people, from random meetings to extracurriculars to offering to carry somebody’s futon the first week of school and becoming really good friends. it has just been a whirlwind.

but i’m not sure how happy i am now that freshman year has ended. my last final was SUCH a joke. not the “haha-that-was-so-easy” kind of joke but more of a “wtf-we-definitely-did-not-learn-this-in-class” kind of joke. it was basically impossible. did i mention that it was 33 pages? yeah. that’s a lot of trees. 

i’m afraid that i didn’t do well in any of my classes this semester. i’m scared that my freshman year was just a waste. i look back on the year and can’t really remember what happened (sad, i know…) my memory constantly fails me. 

so yeah, CONGRATS TO EVERYBODY WHO IS DONE! and to those who still have a couple more days left, YOU CAN DO IT!! freshman year went by way too quickly and, looking back, i wish i was able to appreciate everything more. i have met amazing people who i know will be life long friends. i have learned (sort of…) or at least have learned SOME new things, about life and actual knowledge. 

and now on to packing up my entire room….AH. summer here i comee!

not paying off.

i started my essay days before it was due and my friend started the night before. and, of course, she got a complete grade higher.

i’ve been studying for my finals since last week. but i feel like in the end, it’s all going to be not worth it.

so much for ending freshman year on a high note? but honestly, life is just not fair. i think that’s a lesson that i’ve definitely had to learn this year. worst.luck.ever.

being a kid again.

just on a whim, my friends and i went to a playground after dinner. in the midst of reading period, studying and finals, it was nice to just relax and act crazy on the playground. we may have been the only four non-toddlers and we may have made complete fools of ourselves, but it was so worth it.

seeing as today is my last day as an 18 year old, i can’t believe how incredibly fast the year has flown by. freshman year is basically over and i’m that much closer to being a real adult. so scary. but i know i’ll never grow too old to play on swings or go down slides. 

cheers to feeling like a kid again! 🙂 and good luck on finals!

no more classes….already??

today was officially the last day of classes in my freshman year. ever. no more lectures, no more sections, no more class discussions. so basically i’m (almost) a fourth of the way done with college. just a couple more papers to hand in and some finals to take and i’ll officially be done. hard to believe.

but i think the warmer days are making people happier, which is always a plus! i realized that in the majority of my last sections, our TFs brought us food. last thursday, my life sci TF brought us cupcakes, on monday my musicals class TF brought us homemade brownies (YUM!) and my expos teacher today brought us brownies, apple cider, chips, pretzels. but i have to say, the most interesting thing food thus far was the liquid nitrogen from my chem class today!

ice cream at 10:45am? YES PLEASE. i wish i had taken a picture of when the TFs were all making it. basically, six TFs at the front of the class all had separate bowls and suddenly there was a ton of steam from all the liquid nitrogen that was being poured in.  they made blueberry, strawberry, chinese five spice (uhm..what??), chocolate, chocolate chip, and vanilla.

i decided to try the strawberry and my friend got the blueberry. i’ll admit, this chemically concocted ice cream wasn’t as cool as i thought it would be. my cup of strawberry ice cream literally just tasted like a watered down strawberry milkshake… but the blueberry one had a much better consistency! and the chocolate chip one was pretty good too. after all, who doesn’t like to eat chocolate early in the morning?

ice cream as the culmination to one of the hardest classes i’ve taken thus far? i guess i can deal with that. freshman year FLEW by and i’m still in shock that i’m basically done with it in about three weeks. these are supposed to be the best years of my life, and while freshman year has been pretty amazing, i’m not sure if it’s been “one of the best years of my life.” 

i’ve learned a lot, about myself and from textbooks and class. definitely still in the process of figuring everything out and i’m sure there’s more to come in the future. for now, just taking it one day at a time…which definitely means i need to get started on that musicals paper due friday. woops. 

sandwiches and good friends.

i can’t believe there is only one month left to freshman year. it has flown by and while it’s had definitely had its ups and downs, i still am in disbelief that it’s over. i’m trying to spend the next two weeks not too stressed and just be in good company.

on friday, my best friend from bc came for a visit! while we gchat and facebook each other quite a lot, being together is just completely different. we walked around the river, talked about our lives and decided to try something new for dinner! we ended up at Daedalus, thinking it wouldn’t be too pricey after looking at the menu outside. little did we know that the menu we looked at was actually the lunch one (oops!) but the food sounded so good that we couldn’t resist.  

there was complimentary pita bread and hummus! at first, we couldn’t tell it was hummus, but figured it out eventually. 

i ordered the cuban sandwich (with pickles on the side…for my friend to eat). it had chipotle mayo, roasted pork+ham, onions and swiss cheese all on grilled ciabatta bread. the sandwich was SO good! everything was perfectly melted and fit really well together. the bread was really crisp too. yummm. a little bit pricey, but totally worth it.

i tried to tell myself that i would eat out less this semester. but honestly, that’s way too hard when there’s so much temptation around! the next day, what was supposed to be a one hour lunch turned into a 3 hour lunch + cafe + chatting about life date with my friend. she finally brought me to darwin’s, a place i had only heard delicious rumors about.

they’re pretty well known for their sandwiches and all the fun names they have for them. i ordered the fayerweather (turkey, swiss, sundried tomato-pesto-mayo, lettuce, tomato) on wheat. there were no seats in darwin’s so we wandered over to Crema Cafe to get drinks and find a place to eat.

i got some of their freshly squeezed orange limeade, which was definitely refreshing (even though it was a rainy day). the sandwich was so good and my friend and i definitely bonded over our love for food. she told me about all the delicious food she ate in korea and i can’t wait to maybe even go there someday. 

i had a lot to do yesterday, but i was so glad i took those three hours of my day to just eat good food and chat away with my friend. we literally discussed anything and everything. we only just met towards the beginning of this semester but we’ve already grown so close and i can’t wait for more friend meetings that consist of good conversation and good food. 🙂

balance and feng shui.

the past two weeks have been insanely busy. from eastbound to hcc carnival to prefrosh weekend to yardfest, i have barely had any time to just sit back and enjoy everything. i had my final “midterm” (aka test) of the year (freshman year is almost over already?!?!?) this morning and honestly just did not want to do anything productive for the rest of the day.

my parents had the day off so they took me to the mall and out to dinner in the afternoon. it was really nice to just get away from campus for a while. away from all the hussle bussle, away from all the work, away from the competitiveness and just time to relax. and after all, i definitely could use some retail therapy. 🙂

my mom was adamant about trying this new restaurant called Feng Shui. i guess their concept is just about finding a balance between Asian cuisine and high quality dining. 

the most random part? my parents wanted to order chicken quesadillas as an appetizer. first off, what chinese restaurant even SERVES chicken quesadillas?? second of all, i did not spy any “asian-ness” in this appetizer at all. but it was still delicious. the mango salsa tasted amazing. and hearing my parents trying to “quesadilla” was quite entertaining.

for the actual meal, we ordered a whole beijing duck.

my question: why are there four legs? last time i checked…ducks only had two. weird.

i was skeptical when we ordered it because i wasn’t too sure what to expect. but i am SO happy we ordered it. the skin was crispy and the meat was really yummy. it was almost like being back in china again. 🙂

it’s interesting that we chose to go to  Feng Shui, because i think it really is something to think about. feng shui is about using heaven and earth to generate positive qi and finding a balance between everything. freshman year has been hectic and definitely stressful and i definitely have not figured everything out yet. there’s still so much more i need to learn and to see for myself. classes end a next week and i’m done with one fourth of college in less than a month. i-n-s-a-n-e. i don’t think i’m ready and have yet to find my “feng shui” around here. guess we’ll have to see where the next three years take me!

spring days.

i am SO glad the weather is finally starting to turn around. it feels so good to be wearing skirts and flip flops again! 

i’ve been really in need of a break lately, just from everything, so one of my friends offered to go eat sushi in the square with me today! we went to Takemura! i had only heard about it before and actually didn’t know where it was but am SO glad she introduced me. i love love love sushi.

we decided to share the ichiban maki (top: tuna, salmon, white tuna; bottom: spicy yellowtail, cucumber) and the spicy crazy maki (top: spicy tuna; bottom: shrimp tempura, avocado). basically, these were like a combination of nagiri and sushi rolls aka AWESOMENESS. they were absolutely delicious. especially the spicy crazy maki.

look at how pretty the plates were!

the spicy crazy maki were especially good because of the shrimp tempura inside! they added a perfect crunch and just delicious amazing-ness. i want to go back there again soon! but maybe next time, i’ll try something else too. today, i didn’t even bother looking at the normal menu-just the sushi one. 🙂

and what better way to end a perfect spring afternoon than with a FREE Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cone? today was free cone day, and seriously, how could i resist? i decided to get clusterfluff (peanut butter ice cream with caramel cluster pieces, peanut butter and marshmallow swirls). yum yum.