College Year Four.

winter break 2013-2014.

senior fall came to an end too quickly but i was definitely ready for break when the end of finals rolled around. i spent the majority of this year’s winter break traveling! my family and i went to san francisco to celebrate christmas, then i drove down to los angeles with some friends for new year’s and then took a trip to asia (tokyo, hong kong, philippines and seoul) with a couple friends for about two weeks. needless to say, i feel incredibly lucky to have had the chance to travel and it was all so much fun. Continue reading


h-y 2013.

last weekend was the annual harvard-yale football game! it’s one of the only times that harvard students seem to have a ton of school spirit and it’s always a ton of fun. this year, the game was at yale, which made the weekend kind of more of a hassle, but also more exciting! we got there on friday night after a long three hour bus ride and headed straight to dinner at a thai restaurant. the night was filled with dancing escapades at toad’s with my roommates and other friends, which was super fun!


four years of roomie love at harvard-yale ❤ ❤ Continue reading

as i cross the midpoint of my last fall semester, the reality of being at this school really starts to hit. i’m swamped with midterms and readings but taking a step back and watching this reminds me to think about how fortunate we are to be here. can’t believe i’ll be graduating from here in just seventh months.

half marathon sundays.

started training at the end of july and october 13 finally rolled around this past weekend! since coming to college, where i stopped having structured athletic events, i have been running a lot more than i used to. i have been wanting to do some sort of race (5k, 10k, etc) for a while and when i saw that the BAA half marathon was happening during columbus day weekend of my senior year, i asked my friend if she wanted to do it and we just signed up on a whim! neither of us had run more than 4 miles before.

but training everyday over the summer and some shin splints later, we both completed our first half marathon! our original goal was to finish with under a 10 min mile but as the date approached and we realized we were able to run faster than we had anticipated, we made it our goal to finish under 2 hours, which we were both able to do! my final time was 1:57:00 with an average pace of 8:56 min/mile. i think i’m going to try and continue running whenever i have time and maybe even consider running a full marathon someday!


the last year.

and so it begins. or rather, began.

this is officially my last year of college. the end to the best four years of my life? supposedly, at least. i still feel weird being among the oldest on campus now, but at the same time, it’s an exciting feeling. i’m kind of scared for the future (about that job search…) but also super looking forward to a lot of things that are going to happen this year. it’s been incredibly nice to see all of my friends again but also bittersweet to think that this is probably the last time that all of us will be together in the same place at the same time. weird.

Image^OAASIS babies plus OAASIS oldies.

for now, trying to take some enjoyable classes without overloading myself on too much. the sci&cooking class is literally a hot mess but at least we get to make (and eat!) cheese, cake, ice cream, etc. in our labs. also, taking an east asian film class just for kicks and already looking forward to all the new asian movies i get to watch!

in other news, harvard’s new science center plaza is beautiful and it’s so cool to see all of the events that they’re holding these first couple of weeks when the weather is still nice! free food from food trucks + student performances can do no wrong in my book. neither can adorable baby animals that come to play with us!

Image^look at the little piggies!!

my friend is also writing about the happenings of senior year so check it out! i’m featured in her very first guest vlog post! (:

so thus begins the ups and downs of senior year. looking forward to what’s in store but also kind of hesitant. where will i be a year from now? who knows.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” -Steve Jobs