half marathon #2.

after i found out i was going to be moving out to the bay area after graduation, my sister suggested that i sign up for the nike women’s half marathon. it would be my sister’s third half and my second and i figured it would be fun! i was also able to convince my new roommate, who had never run a half before, to do it too. besides, i liked the schedule of having a training plan for a distance to run every day and i knew that the nike half was a pretty big deal so i decided to sign up (plus, you get a necklace at the end!) so i registered, moved to a new city and had to find a good running path! living in the suburbs proved difficult when looking for a variety of scenery for a run but at least i was able to finish (most) of the distances i had written for myself in my calendar. i got into a routine of running every day after work, which was quite nice under the cali sun. since there were some days i didn’t have time to do the long distances, i tried to work on speed this time around in hopes that the sf hills wouldn’t kill me.

the race started at 6am before the sun had come out (running in the dark is kind of weird) but as the sun rose, so did the fog and mist. there were moments where i felt like it was raining but the entertainment (cheerleaders, drums, music, etc.) along the way made it extra fun! 13.1 miles later, i finally made it to the marina! there were a couple of big hills – at mile 2 and 10 – but i somehow managed to PR and beat my time from last year! hills at mile 10, however, are not my friend. in the end, i finished at 1:54:07 with an 8:43 pace. and my sister achieved her goal time too so it was a great day for all!


at the finish! i was very excited to receive a silver cape!!

i also wore the exact same outfit, with different sneakers though, as i did at my first half marathon last year. maybe these are my lucky half marathon clothes! not sure what the next step in my running escapades may be – i’m still hoping to run a full marathon one day. but for now, i’ll just have to pretend that running two halves…is essentially like running a full.


13.1 miles later – we did it!


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