long overdue (end of jr year + china summer 2013).

it has been a really long time since i’ve last updated. i don’t think many people read my blog but that’s okay. it’s been a good way to keep track of things i’ve been up to for myself even though i haven’t written much this past year.


junior year kind of ended in a blur. time seems to be going so quickly yet there were nights during junior year where i would sit in my suite, with none of my roommates home, and try to really take in everything. i only have one year left at the place i have really come to call home these past three years and i want to make the most of them. the end of the year came senior goodbyes, birthday celebrations, a spontaneous zipcar trip to plymouth, finals, and frantic packing. the friendships i’ve made here have been so incredible and i can’t wait to see what senior year brings. SENIOR YEAR. still in denial. 

image image

post finals, i immediately hopped on a plane and was off to china again! this time, mainly for my cousin’s wedding and to show my childhood best friend my culture and the other side of the world. needless to say, it was an amazing trip. we got to travel to multiple different cities (shanghai, nanjing, wuxi, suzhou, hangzhou, beijing) and spent a lot of time together, which was nice. picture updates below but if i were to sum up my two week trip to china in three words, it would be have to be some combination of popsicles, sun and besties. (:

image image image image image

and now, back home in my new home of maryland where i’ll be interning at the office of minority health as part of the international leadership foundation program. also studying for the MCATs which is forever looming in my mind. excited for a good summer here near the district! the weather is VERY humid and VERY bipolar. today we had a tornado warning for about 30 minutes with insane winds and rain and twenty minutes later…it was as if nothing had happened. weird. but regardless, happy to be home and happy it’s summer!


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