eating, biking and then some more eating.

on my way back from china, i got to stop in san francisco to hang out with my sister for a couple of days! there must be some type of “planning” gene that runs in our family because all of us sure do love to make sure things are planned out. days before i was even set to leave from china, my sister sent out a full-packed itinerary for the days that i was going to be there, most of which included where we would be going to eat our meals. i was super excited!!

dinner on the first day was at a pizza place called local kitchen. before getting there, we were both pretty hungry so opted to stop for a limited edition mini corn dogs snack at jack in the box. not the classiest of places to eat but the corn dogs were really good and limited edition so who knows when they might be gone??! the food at dinner was good and i got to meet a lot of my sister’s friends! however, the service at the restaurant was so bad! or maybe our waiter was just semi-incompetent. but basically, it took forever for our meals to get here and he messed up the orders and randomly decided to substitute one of our appetizers (or “apps” as san francisco people seem to call them) without letting us know! it was ridiculous but the pizza was still yummy. too bad we forgot to take our leftovers as we were leaving ):

the next day was a bike ride over the golden gate to sausalito! it was a pretty long bike ride that included three hills but still really nice! san francisco is SO COLD during the summer- who wears jeans and fleeces in the summer?!?- so the bike ride was extremely windy but it was cool to bike across the bridge! main reason for the bike ride all the way to sausalito was to go to a delicious seafood restaurant named fish.  i was so excited (and hungry!) when we finally made it. there were five of us so we were able to order a bunch of different stuff to all try! EVERYTHING WAS SO AWESOME but my favorite would probably have to be the fried oysters or clam dip. yummm.

after ice cream from lappert’s, i was a bit too full to move so luckily we took the ferry boat back over to san francisco. late-night dinner at a random pho place in chinatown (the menu was like a book!) before some bubble tea there to end the night. (: 

as if i hadn’t already eaten my fair share of food in california, the next day, my sister and i went with another one of her friends to berkeley to try food at wat mongkolratanaram, which was a thai temple. instead of paying for the food with cash, we had to first exchange our cash for these tokens that we then used to pay. it was an interesting concept and the food was not bad. we got there a bit late so they had run out of most choices but i thought the pad thai was good!

next was an ice cream near the uc berkeley campus called CREAM (cookies rule everything around me). we got to pick two cookies and an ice cream flavor which was to be put together into a ice cream sandwich! this place was much cheaper than a lot of ice cream sandwich places were in new york so i was extra excited! we got snickerdoodle and double chocolate chip with banana fudge walnut ice cream in between. YUMMMM. and the cookies were soft and warm too!

dinner was simple at a local place called the grove but the grilled cheese there was really good! as were the nachos. 

monday was relatively less eventful since my sister had to work so i hung out with some friends of mine who were in the san francisco area. we met up at the ferry building (which is really similar to something like quincy market in boston) and at a mexican place called mijita. nothing spectacular but it was fun to catch up with old friends. (: met up with some harvard people afterwards and went to chinatown for egg tarts and then met up with my sister and some of her friends for sushi dinner at akiko’s nd pinkberry! a perfect way to end a trip to san francisco! although i will still continue to complain about the weather since 60s is not “summer”.

and now, back at harvard getting ready to start my junior year. i can’t believe i’m going to be a JUNIOR already. it’s kind of crazy to think that i’m already halfway done with college and i now have to really start thinking about real people things and life after college. crazy crazy. but for now, back to choosing classes for the upcoming semester! 


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