pigeon meat.

yesterday for dinner, i accidentally ate some pigeon. my uncle, aunt and cousin took me out for dinner and when one of the dishes came out, the meat resembled a small bird. i ate it without asking because so far the other dishes had been pretty standard: cauliflower, shumai, noodles, etc. only later in the meal did they ask if i had ever eaten the bird meat before and whether american people ate it. the entire time, i thought it had been quail so i said “sure, american people eat it but not very frequently” they sounded surprised so then when i inquired more, i realized that they were talking about pigeons and NOT quails. sorry pigeons for eating you.

and then this morning after breakfast, my grandma gave me a popsicle. tiramisu ice cream covered in chocolate for breakfast? YES PLEASE.

life in china is good…one afternoon left in shanghai before going to beijing for hsylc!


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