coming to end.

when school first got out, the idea of doing a ten week internship seemed ridiculous. ten week seemed like an extremely long time to be in new york for the summer- i would be spending the entirety of june and july here. but looking back now, i can’t believe the summer passed by so quickly. as my supervisor said to me yesterday, “time goes by a lot faster as you get older.” but i’ve definitely had an amazing time here- from working at a an organization i have grown to love to eating my way through the top rated places on yelp to visiting places i’ve never been before.

yesterday was my last day of work! i didn’t have much left to do except for finish one last report so i mainly starting clean up stuff around my desk and participate in one last “only make believe” group with the kids. i am going to miss the kids here so much! they have finally began to recognize me and remember my name but now i have to leave ): i definitely want to try and go back and visit though! i came into work not really knowing what to except and not knowing exactly what NAC did but i have learned so much over the course of the summer. so thankful for my experiences there. (:

i had a pretty low-key last couple of days here in just trying to clean out my fridge and hang out with some people who i might not get to see for a while! went to city bakery after work one day to try their well-known pretzel croissant. it was SO GOOD- perfectly flakey and salty. if only i had discovered it earlier in the sumer…

went to big gay ice cream one last night the other day! i went with somebody who just graduated and was also in nyc over the summer so i don’t know when i’ll get to see her again!! ): shoutout to the one and only, KATE MA haha ❤ you rock. i wanted to try something different so i got the american globs cone-vanilla soft serve, pretzels, sea salt and dipped in chocolate. BEST THING EVER. i think one of my favorite ice cream places from this summer. and had fun bonding with the server who was also from boston! guess my red sox debit card gives it away…

had dinner last night with another senior who had just graduated at st.mark’s place before calling it a night with a late-night trip to max brenner with friends who were visiting from boston. i have been wanting to try their dessert chocolate pizza ever since i discovered this place and finally got to try it! i shared a “the works” pizza (peanut butter, marshmallows, hazelnut bits, bananas) with a friend to end an awesome summer here in the city.

who knows when i’ll be back to nyc to actually live long term (or if i even ever will!) but i’m glad to have been able to spend my summer here and experience all that new york has to offer! plans for the last month of summer: home, china, san francisco then back to school! here’s to one more month left!

summer tallies of new/old places that i’ve tried while here:

restaurants-39, cupcakeries/bakeries/dessert- 17, bubble tea places-4, ice cream shops-14, food trucks/vendors-9

can’t wait to be back here for more in the future!


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