highlights of my nyc summer adventures from the last week! 

friday- free ny philharmonic concert at central park! we didn’t realize everybody would be there so early and be having really legit picnics so we ended up sitting pretty far back and “picnic-ed” with my ziploc bag of crackers and cherries. haha still a good concert though! went to butter lane for cupcakes later and got free shots of frosting. the basic premise of the cupcakery is that they only offer three simple cakes (vanilla, chocolate and banana) and then you get to pick what type of frosting you want. delicious frostings although the two of us couldn’t finish our frosting shots since they were so heavy!

saturday- went to chinatown for a dumplings taste test! stopped at prosperity dumpling (5 for $1) and tasty dumpling (5 for $1.25) for delicious (and ridiculously cheap!) fried dumplings. we decided that we liked prosperity dumpling better although there are still more cheap dumpling places in chinatown to try! made our way to katz’s for their famous pastrami sandwich [so.much.meat] which was good. although kind of overpriced. met up with a friend for a quick snack break at xi’an famous foods for their super authentic liang pi. can’t wait to try more stuff from them! had dinner at pocha 32 in ktown with some high school friends. we accidentally ordered this really weird dish with cooked fruits [strawberries, kiwi, orange, apple] and fried chicken. the chicken was good although can’t say cooked strawberries are my favorite…

monday- it’s restaurant week here in nyc! went with some people from my program to club a steakhouse. fried calamari, hanger steak + creamed spinach and cream puffs! also got a complimentary piece of lobster ravioli.  creamed spinach was not as great as the yelp reviews made it out to be although the steak and dessert were both awesome! stopped at sprinkles cupcakes on the way home even though i was “too full” and ended up eating the cupcake right when i got back to my room…

wednesday- dinner at hagi sake bar before seeing the musical, ghost. a small cute japanese restaurant with a really extensive menu. ordered raw octopus in wasabi which was interesting. cool texture but too much wasabi for my weak tastebuds. also got fried chicken gizzards (YUMMMM) and ramen plus some others!

and now onto the next week! only two more weeks/weekends left here! ): 


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