friend reunions.

i’m getting a little bit frustrated with work sometimes. i’ve been working on this phone survey project but it’s starting to come to a standstill. i only have 9 calls left…but i’ve had 9 calls for the past 5 days. i’m trying to replace people and start calling other clients but it’s getting frustrating repeatedly calling people to no answer. i really hope i can finish this project in the next four weeks! but aside from work, thank goodness for weekends.

and what another whirlwind of a weekend. weekends here pass by so quickly! maybe it also had to do with the weird week last week since july 4th fell right in the middle. tuesday felt like a friday and then wednesday felt like a saturday. but the real weekend soon rolled around, and as usual, it was filled with good friends and good food. (:

technically started the weekend on friday dinner with dinner at num pang with one of my roommates from last year. they have delicious cambodian inspired banh mi (viet subs). they look small in size but are big in flavor! and surprisingly filling. i ordered the grilled khmer sausage with asian slaw and it was pretty spicy! at least for my spicy-intolerant tastebuds. but still good nonetheless. (: stopped at the milk bar for some b’day cake truffles (no shame in finishing two of them before even getting back to my room…) on the way back! 

that night, one of the girls in my program (a fellow foodie!) and i decided to venture out in search of more delicious goodies! we went to spot dessert bar on st. mark’s place first for their #1 dessert: green tea chocolate lava cake. while i haven’t always been a big fan of green tea/matcha stuff, this cake was SO GOOD. the inside of the cake was gooey chocolate with just the right amount of green tea. we thought we were full…until we walked past ippudo on the way back and figured we might as well stop in for some pork buns. sooo worth the wait. the pork was SO GOOOOD. must go back and try their ramen! 

saturday morning started with volunteering with citymeals-on-wheels with my program. the basic concept is delivering meals to elderly people who might be homebound. we traveled by foot and donated frozen meals to elderly who might otherwise have not been able to get a meal. it was actually nice to work with elderly after working with kids for so long so it was a nice break. but at the same time, it made me miss my grandma. ❤

before heading back to the dorms, three of us went to two little red hens for some much needed sweet treats. we ended up ordering three red desserts to share: strawberry and rhubarb pie, red velvet cupcake and almond cherry scone. ALL WERE DELICIOUS. the cupcake and scone were both perfectly moist and not too dense which was nice.


i was excited afterwards because my roommate and i went to the american museum of natural history and met up with my friend from PROMYS. yes, i went to math camp two summers in a row, but met some of the best friends ever. (: I LOVE MUSEUMS OF NATURAL HISTORY. everything is so fascinating! and there was an entire exhibit on the evolution of human origins which is basically what i study at school! afterwards, my friend and i finally got to catch up about life over dinner and fro yo. can’t believe we’ve already been friends for four years now. (:

sunday brunch was filled with so much oaasis love. it was really awesome to hear from the alums and see what they were up to. we went to poco in east village and ended up eating brunch for about 3 hours. a bunch of us ordered the lobster mac and cheese which was really cheesy and heavy scattered with bits of lobster. the lobster chunks were really good! haven’t had seafood in a while considering chicken from the grocery store is much cheaper…haha. by the time we left, it was already past four! 

my friend and i decided to wander over to chinatown for some bubble tea and 2 for $1 egg tarts at bread talk! according to serious eats, they have the best (and cheapest!) egg tarts in the city.  on our way to chinatown, stopped by melt bakery for a delicious (and much needed, since it was 90+ degrees outside) ice cream sandwich. we got their daily special which was a brownie cookie with salted caramel ice cream. what a perfect combination. discovered some new parts of the city, like nolita, along the way so i’m excited to go back and discover what else is there! yelp says there are lots of delicious bakeries…YUMM. 

clearly, i have an addiction problem. addicted to yelping places and religiously reading seriouseats. oh, and with eating. but the past part of eating is to bring people together. yes, this sounds cliche. but through some of the eating adventures this weekend, i’ve made new friends and reunited with old ones who i haven’t talked to in a while. and that’s the best part about all these meals/snacks. yes, the food is delicious but it’s the conversations that i have with the people i’m with that make is so much better. 


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