taking it all in.

it’s almost the halfway point of my summer in the city. that’s crazy to think because it honestly feels like we just barely began our summer. i haven’t finished my projects at work yet but feel so lucky to have been given the chance to work with so many different departments of my agency. i got to shadow the developmental pediatrician the other day and it made me really want to pursue a job like his. it seemed like such a good mesh of medicine and public service and social work, which is something that i think i want to do in the future!

have done lots of adventuring in the city but there is still more to come in the upcoming weeks that i’m looking forward to! but taking a weekend off from this city that never sleeps and going back home to boston for a couple of days. 

after a delicious dinner at my friend’s house last night in jersey, i didn’t think i would be able to eat any more korean food for a while. but after going to this “global networking” event at the harvard club of new york, i somehow found myself eating dinner in ktown. i don’t know whether i’m socially awkward or just weird but i am just not good at these networking events. i feel like i like talking to people but i always feel so awkward when i go to these things. the harvard club of new york is SUPER DUPER nice though…tapestries on the wall, a bar/restaurant, a gym, a sauna. 

even though dinner from miss korea kind of made me feel like i was going to explode, one of my roommates and i decided to take the extra avocados we had and tortillas and bake our own tortilla chips and make our own guacamole!

it was actually SO easy!

for the tortilla chips, we just cut up a couple of tortillas into triangles, brushed them with a bit of olive oil, sprinkled on some salt and baked them at 350 for about 10 minutes. of course we decide to use our oven on probably the hottest day we will experience this summer in the city, but whatever! the chips came out SO GOOD and crunchy. 

for the guacamole, we used three avocados, a tomato, a small sliver of onion, lemon zest, and a little basil+cilantro. she taught me a smart method of instead of mushing the avocado with a spoon right away, you instead should cut it into cubes so that you might get some chunks of avocado in the actual guacamole. so delicious.

all you have to do is stick everything in a bowl and mix! but don’t mix too much as to lose the avocado chunks. just mix and serve (with homemade baked tortilla chips!) a perfect late night snack. 

just one more work day and then home-bound! i’m actually really looking forward to being home for a bit. this may be one of the last couple of times that i’ll be going “home” to boston before we move. that’s weird. i will probably also have to start packing up my room at home. that’s weirder. and the weirdest part, by this upcoming thanksgiving, maybe i’ll be going to dc instead of back to the place that i’ve grown up in and know. 


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