a bit of everything.

i don’t know if there is a better place for food than new york. seriously. it’s only my fifth day here and i’ve already been to trader joe’s three times and tried four different eating places in one day. 

at work today, i got to sit in on a supervised family visit between two kids (one of which was deaf) and their birth parents. it was a really good learning experience but also made me really sad watching the kids interact with birth parents who they weren’t living with. and then at the end of this one hour visit, i watched as the kids happily get into the car of their foster mother, leaving their birth parents to go back inside for more counseling. this organization does amazing work and can have a huge impact but it’s sad to think about everything that the kids must go through at such a young age.

after work, i met up with a friend who is a fellow foodie and headed to madison square eats, which is this food vendor fair that was set up that was only going to be around for another couple of days. there were a bunch of vendors set up with food ranging from mexican to cannolis to sandwiches. everything looked so good so we settled on a few things to share! started our food adventure with a feta olive pretzel from sigmund’s pretzel. they even heated it up for us which was really nice and it was really soft and deeelicious.

next up was a vinh chicken dog from asia dog. they basically do hot dogs with asian-inspired toppings. the one we got was inspired by banh mi (vietnamese subs) so it had a bunch of traditional toppings like cucumbers and pickled daikon/carrots. it also had jalapenos which literally numbed my lips but it was totally worth it anyways.

obviously still hungry, we headed to the calexico vendor for a pollo asado taco. the corn tortillas were super corn meal-y aka awesome and the avocado salsa was SO GOOD. 

after sitting around washington square park for a bit and sharing our goodies, we decided to head over to east village slash st. mark’s place. we figured all that food we just shared was like a snack so we decided to have real dinner at japanese place called udon west.

i can’t exactly remember the name of what i ordered was but there was tempura vegetables and seafood and a raw egg in udon noodle soup. basically awesomeness. i was insanely full afterwards but luckily we walked it off by going to washington square park and then all the way to the highline! 

a fun-filled day after a slow (but interesting) day at work. new york city is amazing and i’m already starting to love it more and more. 


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