life in the city as a tourist.

i didn’t want to be like other people and start a whole new blog for my summer happenings. i figured that i already had one that has contained my adventures from the past two years (have i really had this for almost that long already?!?) i might as well continue with it!

this summer, i’ll be interning at new alternatives for children in new york city for ten weeks before heading off to shanghai/beijing for two weeks to participate in HSYLC. i’m really looking forward to living in the city and being able to actually work at a real job for once and see what that will be like.

upon arriving yesterday and settling into the nyu dorm where i’ll be living, i explored the area a bit with my parents. i’m living RIGHT next to union sq and it’s SO BUSY with people and tourists and stores all the time! it’s really nice. and my work is super close so i’ll get to walk there everyday. went to dinner at republic with my parents before they drove back to boston. i ordered glass noodles which were a bit underwhelming to be honest but still not bad. 

my dad has also been spotted taking pictures of food so maybe he’ll be next to go on this blog.


today i spent the day, grocery shopping, running errands, and hanging out with some friends! i really wanted to visit ground zero so we went down today but i didn’t realize that you had to pre-order memorial visiting tickets so it wasn’t all that exciting. it’s crazy to think that it’s been 10+ years though. afterwards, went to shake shack for DELICIOUS burgers for dinner. so good. 

none of us had plans for the night so we wandered all the way to times square (walked over 20 blocks! i have a feeling i will be doing lots of walking this summer) and did some touristy things like visit the m&m store, disney store, hershey’s store. and then we sat on the the steps. i was pretty tired by the end but i can already tell this is going to be a fun summer filled with adventures.

i’m finally slowly beginning to figure out where i live in relation to everywhere else in the city. hopefully by the end of the summer, i’ll know my ins and outs and feel less like a tourist. (: first day of work tomorrow! eek. 


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