to 20 years of life and many more memories to come.

today is my second day of being 20. today was also the day that i finished my sophomore year. having three exams basically in a row should not be allowed. especially if it is the day after your birthday. but i survived (barely?). i was never somebody who took school super seriously in the sense that i value my friendships and relationships with people over schoolwork. while not necessarily a good thing, i think it’s made me realize that school really isn’t everything. yes, it’s important to do well, but ultimately, the things that i hope to gain out of college are new friendships and random memories, not that second orgo midterm that i failed. it’s really what i personally can get out of the classes and not how the professors quantify how much i get out of it through grades. slowly starting to grasp that idea but this semester may have been my worst semester. ever. ): 

it’s important to once in a while to take a step back and not stress over grades or schoolwork and take a break to just relax. i’m almost glad my birthday falls in the midst of finals period because it essentially forced me to have something to look forward to and enjoy myself for one day. (: started my birthday celebrations a week in advance with my parents at park since they were off to china and wouldn’t be here for my actual birthday. it was a new restaurant and while the menu wasn’t extensive, the food was pretty good. relatively pricey though. i had the mushroom risotto and then went to crema cafe  with them for a celebratory coconut cupcake

on the day of my actual birthday, my awesome friends/roommates threw me a “surprise” party (which i had been partly helping to plan haha). it was really nice to know that people took time out of their study days to come celebrate with me! lots of drinks and food. friends are incredible people ♥  

more celebrating that night with a chinese dinner at yenching with some old high school friends. it was nice to catch up and so glad to have introduced them to the awesomeness that is 上海炒年糕 [aka shanghai rice cakes]. SOO GOOOOD.

by far, the BEST (and most surprising!) part of my birthday was when my roommates and a friend and i went to finale for a 4-course 4 person dessert sampler deal she had bought from groupon!! it was SOO DELICIOUS and i actually don’t think i could move after it. so.much.chocolate.

course 1– two dark chocolate dipped strawberries

course 2- four mini samplers of the finale cheesecake, manjari mouse, boston cream cake, and bread pudding. 

course 3– lemon sorbet in a white chocolate bowl

course 4- MEGA CHOCOLATE SAMPLER (including molten chocolate lava cake, espresson chocolate cake, white chocolate truffles, etc etc), seasonal cornucopia (raspberry/blueberry cobbler), and bourbon pecan tart. [the picture is of the tart]

literally could not move after eating all of this amazing dessert, but was so happy. 

so with that, birthday and finals, sophomore year has come to an end. it’s had it’s highs and lows, but looking back, i don’t have too many regrets. a lot has happened this past year, but i’m sure all of it has been for a reason. i’m so thankful to have met some of the new friends i have made and for the experiences that i have had. college is already half over?!! but here’s to two more years in college and more memories to come.  (:


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