gorgeous weather, good food, and a blog debut.

in three days, i’ll be done with two years worth of college classes. in two weeks, i’ll be twenty. in three weeks, i’ll be halfway done with college.

seriously, how did the time past by so quickly? it feels like i just started my sophomore year but here i am, talking to pre-frosh about the perks of college and watching my senior friends finish school and go off into the real world. life happens so quickly but how can we make sure to be taking advantage of every second? there are so many things we take for granted but things can so easily change in an instant. that is a scary thought. studying sucks and i’m starting to feel frustrated with the whole school thing so i’m going to take a break to talk about how much i love sunshine!

the weather being nice can make such a difference. people are happier and everybody just wants to enjoy the outdoors. why study inside when you can bask in the beautiful sun? we had a week of absolutely gorgeous weather! today is a bit gloomy, but i enjoyed the weather as much as a could last week and this weekend!

started off the weekend by make oreo truffles! my roommate had gone on a jog because the weather was so nice and ended up coming back with oreos, cream cheese and white chocolate chips. three simple ingredients to make a super delicious snack!  SO GOOD. i think i ate at least three of them that night…and probably another two the next day.

we knew it was going to rain today so we wanted to celebrate the nice weather as much as we could yesterday! my roommate suggested taking a walk so we walked from the square down past central square towards MIT/kendall. we weren’t sure what we wanted to eat so we just walked until we found a restaurant with yummy food! we decided to get take-out sushi from theolonius monkfish to eat outdoors! 

we got spicy tuna, rainbow maki and crazy maki (which had shrimp tempura!). at first we were a little bit disappointed by the wait and portions but the sushi was really good! maybe it’s because i haven’t had sushi in a while, but the fish was really fresh and just overall, delicious. and it was nice to be eating outside in the sun (:

got dessert immediately after dinner at toscanini’s! it had gotten a little bit chillier but that wasn’t going to stop us from eating ice cream. i got bananas foster and my roommate got green teatoscanini’s ice cream is considered some of “the best in the world” and definitely did not disappoint! YUM 

most exciting part of the day? being featured on a blog! i fit the stereotype so well of one of the AZNS that likes to take pictures of food. how else would i be able to keep a food blog? and now, here it is, my debut on a public blog:


here’s to more food pictures, delicious meals and good weather! (:


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