the days that come and go.

it’s been a while since i’ve really updated this.  this past month has been one of the busiest i’ve ever had. from continuous sister dates to midterms to dance shows, i’ve barely had any time to myself. i tell myself that ienjoy this feeling of being busy, but it has been a little overwhelming. having a day from 8am-11pm with only a half hour break should not really be allowed. but the thing that really keeps me going is that the people that i am so appreciative to have met these past few years.

days come and go so quickly. one day i’m SO busy running around and the next thing i know, it’s already the weekend. spring break officially began today which means we only have about two months left of the year. why does it still feel like we just got on campus to start our sophomore year? i want to take the time over spring break to really relax and reflect. i need to start setting my priorities, focus on school and not get so caught up in things that might be as important.

my best friend from high school visited for lunch today! the three of us ate delicious sandwiches at crema cafe and had some time to catch up with each other. i miss the high school carefree days when we would just sit together and do nothing. 

for dinner, went to cambridge 1 with a couple of my roommates and some other friends. they are known for their interesting flatbread pizzas so between the six of us, we ordered four full pizzas. i was SO FULL eating them. but they were all pretty delicious! that night, 

i usually like the potato one that has all different types of cheese but it was kind of a carb-overload so i tried to not eat too much and save my stomach! i still ended up eating SO MUCH pizza though, but hey, it’s almost spring break, so why not? (:

that night, we pre-celebrated one of my roommate’s birthday with cake and more pizza. she wasn’t that surprised but it was still really fun to just hang out! we also ended up playing about 2 hours worth of taboo which was awesome.

i’m really happy that it’s spring break. finally will have some time to breathe and think over things. there’s been a lot on my mind lately from school related things to family. i can’t wait to be home and to just be able to chill with my parents and spend time with my family. 


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