wait, is it already spring?

i was kindly reminded by one of my friends that feb 2 (aka today) is groundhog day. i’ve never really thought about this holiday before (how would you celebrate it anyways…) but i know it has something to do with how much longer winter is going to last. however, the beautiful spring-like weather today just further reminded me that i can’t wait for spring and for this “winter” to be over!

spring semester has definitely started. already due this week, i have a a bunch of reading, a problem set and a response paper. i’m not taking any particularly interesting classes but mainly trying to get some requirements out of the way so that i’ll have more elective in the future. my favorite class so far is definitely my heb tutorial. yay for a small discussion class with all friends and a tf that bakes for us! 

because it is still the first few weeks of the semester and most of us don’t have too much motivation to do our schoolwork, my friend and i decided to venture to porter square to eat korean food. korean food is BY FAR one of my favorite cuisines and i was so excited to finally go with somebody korean so she could order the best dishes.  

we went to kaya, which was a really cute place. there weren’t many customers there and it was pretty empty but the food was delicious! we ordered kaya kalbi (marinated and grilled beef) and soybean paste stew with seafood. it was SO GOOD. we weren’t sure if it was going to be enough food but we were both stuffed by the end.

not surprisingly, we both still had room for fro yo after a ridiculously delicious and filling korean meal. we stopped by berryline on our walk back to the quad. she had never been to the one in porter before (sad river people lives…) but they had raspberry as one of their flavors of the week! yummmm. and they had homemade granola as a topping option. so good.

i hope that in a couple of weeks, i’ll still have time to take out of my schedule to grab meals with friends and just chat. our conversation ranged from talking about being asian to siblings to groundhogs. it’s these random conversations with friends that i always look forward to during the semester. hopefully my life won’t be consumed with extracurriculars and classes these next few weeks!

and now back to reading about darwinism and writing this 1000 word response paper…woot.


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