a little taste of home.

how has finals period rolled around again? just last year, i remember freaking about multi-variable calculus and amino acids but here i am, one year later, thinking about babylonian kings and trying to avoid arrow pushing. but amidst everybody’s constant stress, there needs to be a once in a while break. a time to refresh our brains and think of things besides our schoolwork. 

it’s funny what life can throw at you sometimes. whether it’s a test that is surprisingly hard (or maybe surprisingly easy!) or nice surprises in the morning of reading period, you can never really know what to expect, right? i went with some people to the gourmet dumpling house in chinatown the other day for a late lunch. sure, i hadn’t done much studying by then, but that has never really stopped me from eating good food in the past. 

between the seven of us, we ordered eight dishes including some of my favorites: rice cakes and soup dumplings. YUM. we ordered too much food and i even ventured to try some of the really really spicy fish. needless to say, i drank a lot of water.

but i think it’s these study breaks with friends that make finals periods a little more bearable. everybody was stressed and everybody had papers to write or tests to study for, but taking just a couple hours out of our day to eat together was definitely worth it.

only a couple more weeks until i get to eat all of this food again (but homemade!!).

and now, as i sit at my desk contemplating whether to learn who Assuruballit is or read about the healthcare policy or watch modern family while my neighbor is napping on my futon, the only thing i can think about are the two finals and one paper in my way of winter break! excited for winter break filled with snowboarding, baking, a warm week in honduras, playing with adorable chinatown afterschool kids, relaxing and all around, happiness. 

photocred to t^2


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