old friends, new friends and fun adventures.

school can be incredibly overwhelming and busy but the one thing that always keeps me sane is definitely good friends. i often try to take time out of my day to grab a meal with a friend or just catch up with somebody who i haven’t talked to in a long time. 

a couple of days ago, the kick ass cupcakes truck was parked outside of the science center! my friends and i had an hour before our next class and it was gorgeous out so we decided to take a cupcake break before handing in our chem psets. and than goodness we did! not only were the cupcakes completely worth it, but the truck was actually gone after we went inside to hand them in!

i ordered the caramel mochiatto (chocolate cupcake, caramel center and mocha frosting topped with chocolate covered espresso beans). the cupcake was really rich and dense but a perfect combination of chocolate and caramel and coffee flavored. it was actually easier to eat it with a spoon but worth every single bite. hopefully, the truck will be outside again this friday although i definitely can’t make this friday cupcake eating a weekly thing…

the next day, a bunch of us who were already sick of HUDS food decided to go out to chinatown for hot pot! i went with my roommate, a friend who i had met over the summer, and another group of girls who also lived in cabot but that i didn’t really know too well before. it was just a random gathering of people but turned out to be a ton of fun! we went to shabu zen and although the wait was incredibly long, the food was amazing.

everybody ordered their own meat (i got pork) and got a plate of vegetables along with a bowl of noodles. the thing about hot pot is that you never really realize how much you are eating until you actually stand up to leave. good thing i was wearing pretty stretchy jeans that night. 

my favorite part about eating hot pot is definitely the broth at the end. there’s been so much meat and vegetables cooked in it that it has a ton of flavor. and then eaten with the noodles and a couple of pieces of napa cabbage. YUM. 

then for dinner today, i got to catch up with some old friends for dinner at crema cafe! i went to math camp (nerdy, i know…) two summers in a row when i was in high school and met some of the best friends i have ever known. three of us are at the same school now and we finally all got to chat today over an awesome meal! it’s incredible that while, in total, we have really only spent about 12 weeks (before getting to college) together, we have become such good friends.

i had heard great things about the sweet potato sandwich (avocado, green apples, sprouts, hummus and caramelized shallot vinaigrette on toasted wheat) with an iced mocha. the sandwich definitely lived up to all the ravings about it although it was pretty messy to eat. then again, maybe it’s just me and my messy eating habits..woopsies.

good company and good food, what more can a girl ask for? never be afraid to be the friend who reaches out to somebody that you haven’t seen in a long time to just grab a meal and catch up on life. 🙂


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