spontaneous post.

how can it already be the second full week of school? it’s only just started and i’m already starting to feel a bit lost in my classes. but at least, this time around, everything else seems to be quickly settling in. 4:30am firedrills, 12:30am pipe leakings and shuttles aside, the quad isn’t a bad place to live! with the beautiful weather, it’s awesome taking strolls down the river and the yard.

made some egg tarts with a couple of friends over the weekend! i won’t post the recipe but they were improvised from allrecipes. there are only so many things we have access to in the college kitchens! used a can as a rolling pin to roll out the dough and proceeded to open the can with a knife. yay for innovative random ideas.

also baked some cinnabuns just because we wanted to buy them. i have not had these in YEARS but they are soo delicious! bought the pre-made ones from pillsbury where you literally just open the package, unroll them, put them on the cookie sheet and stick them in the oven. YUM.

on to other random weekend adventures, had my first late night kong experience. the kong is often a place for late night partiers to go to satisfy their munchies. yet that night, i had neither partied nor was intoxicated. all i wanted was some food very late at night and i figured why not? cashew nuts & chicken and scallion pancakes latenight with my best friend. no regrets.

and to all my fellow asians out there, HAPPY MID-AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL!

my parents brought me some mini green bean mooncakes yesterday so my entryway mates and i had an impromptu mooncake party outside a little after midnight. i never was a huge fan of mooncakes but still had a pretty celebratory autumn moon festival!


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