long weekends and extreme sandwiches.

school just started and we are already coming to the end of our first long weekend. happy labor day to all! the start of classes has been pretty chill and relaxed thus far. slowly adjusting to my schedule although it’s not completely finalized and just trying to figure everything out and adjusting to quad life. so happy i don’t have lab classes this semester! although, i’m sure that will change in the spring. poo. 

stopp by the clover food lab on saturday because we were hungry. ordered their french fries with rosemary and got honey lemonade and watermelon agua. the watermelon drink was super refreshing but the fries were sadly a little bit over-fried. and while i do like the rosemary, as i was eating them, i ate a little big of twig aka rosemary. that was weird. but in general, i really like clover. organic and healthy (..sort of, haha).

and the next day, on me and my friend’s quest to eat all of boston’s best sandwiches, we decided to go to the all star sandwich bar in inman square. super accessible from harvard square, especially on a nice day. 

their menu is insanely awesome. they have a bunch of really creative sandwiches and the two brothers who are the owners like to put a fun spin on a lot of ordinary sandwiches. we happened to be sitting at the table next to one of the owners and he gave us some great recommendations. my friend and i decided to split the veggie side (crispy fried brussel sprouts tossed in all star buffalo sauce with blue cheese dressing) and the cheese sandwich.

this cheese sandwich was ACTUALLY monster-sized. no joke. it must have been at least five inches of goodness containing roast beef, a piece of fried sweet corn bacon mac and cheese, 2 fried eggs, caramelized onion jam, spicy jalapeno ranch all on a grilled brioche roll. can you say heart attack in a sandwich? but honestly, WHO CARES? it was so good and so big that we ended up eating our halves of the sandwich with a fork and knife. classy sandwich eating, here we come. i can’t wait to go back and try everything else on their menu. one of their famous sandwiches uses french toast style bread instead to give it a more sweet & savory feel. awesome.

we were SO full afterwards but the waiter there convinced us to try their chocolate chip cookie cheesecake. and i am so glad we did. the cookie was really soft and chewy and the cheesecake part was amazingly fluffy. SO GOOOOOD. between the four of us sharing it, it was devoured in about five minutes. 

such a fun weekend filled with catching up with friends, good food, sophomore outing on a boat on the charles, and a visit from the parents. best part? homemade marinated pork from my dad and fresh garden grown cherry tomatoes from my mom. love.


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