back to school and too much sushi.

it’s kind of weird to be back at school as a sophomore and see all the little freshmen running around. it feels like just yesterday when i was intimidated by everybody here (not that i’m still not) and totally unsure of college. i was confused and constantly lost (which sadly enough, i still have to use the harvard map app on my phone to get around) and just all around excited about starting college. can’t believe that i’m already 1/4 of the way done and just that much closer to entering into the real world. unreal.

the first few days after move-in have been pretty relaxing. lots of unpacking and lots of reuniting with friends who i haven’t seen all summer. it’s been fun just chilling and catching up with people. so today, since we all didn’t have much to do, a few friends and i trekked to brighton to go eat ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI at yamato.

there were only five of us but i’m pretty sure we ordered enough sushi for like ten people. we got spicy salmon/tuna hand rolls, philadephia maki, rainbow maki [california inside with assorted fish on top], caterpillar maki [eel, cucumber with avocado on top], dragon maki [shrimp tempura and crab stick with eel, avocado and tobiko with spicy mayo], spicy tuna maki, tamago [sweet egg nagiri], tako [octopus nagiri] and some others.

everything was SO delicious. my favorites were probably the dragon maki and rainbow maki. but honestly, everything was amazing. the sushi is made fresh to order so while the wait is kind of long, it is definitely, one hundred percent, worth it. seriously. 

as if we didn’t order enough sushi, we also got some salmon teriyaki [literally a tiny slab of salmon with some teriyaki sauce on top…lame], spring rolls, tempura and seaweed salad. SO.MUCH.FOOD. but SO.GOOD. i am definitely going to come back. for sure. 

and, at night, there is no better “welcome back to cambridge” snack than a good old cup of fro yo from berryline. i ordered peppermint oreo with strawberries. so deeeelicious. except i went to the one in porter sq instead of the one in harvard sq because i now live in the outskirts of the harvard campus…quad life here i come.

school starts in two days!! eek. harvard.round.two. 


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