cupcake taste test.

cupcakes are by far one of my favorite snacks slash desserts. i wish boston had better cupcake shops but i know new york city is a place to go for good cupcakes. instead of going to the more famous and bigger chains like magnolia or crumbs, we found the sugar sweet sunshine bakery in lower east side. 

not only did they have amazing cupcakes, they also had these delicious looking trifles! we didn’t have time to try the trifles but i got a sexy red velvet cupcake to eat there and we got four cupcakes for the ride home! i thought it was cool that instead of the usual cream cheese that is used with red velvet cupcakes, they had a really light and fluffy mousse, which they call “The Moose.” so good!

for the ride home, we wanted to try four different cupcakes and we ended up doing a taste test! there were four of us in the car so we cup each cupcake into four pieces and got to try each one so we could determine which one we liked best. 

the contenders:

ooey gooey: chocolate cake with chocolate almond buttercream

pistachio: pistachio cake with “The Moose”

strawberry cake with peanut butter buttercream

chocolate peppermint cake with cream cheese frosting

the winner! pistachio. the pistachio flavor was really strong and the light fluffy mousse frosting on top was the perfect touch. 

the chocolate peppermint cake was a close second. the peppermint flavor was very obvious but since i’m not a big fan of cream cheese frosting, i thought it was a bit too much. 

the strawberry and peanut butter cupcake was okay. the cupcake was not so much a strawberry cupcake but more like a vanilla cupcake with a few strawberry chunks. my fourth of the cupcake didn’t have much strawberry so the cake part was pretty bland to me but the frosting was really really good!! i love peanut butter so peanut butter buttercream is amazing. 

we had high hopes for the ooey gooey chocolate cupcake but the cake part was sadly really dry. the frosting was very rich and had a good chocolate-y flavor to it which we liked. 

the sugar sweet sunshine is definitely a bakery that i’d love to go to again. they had even more cupcake flavors that i want to try! and next time, hopefully i’ll get to try the trifle too!


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