a cultural experience in the city.

after this weekend, i really only have five words to say: I LOVE NEW YORK CITY! this definitely wasn’t my first time there, but every time i go, there’s still so much stuff to discover! i went down to new york with one of my best friends from elementary school and we basically ate and walked around. although, on friday, we went to coney island and rode on the infamously old cyclone TWICE. the second time in the front row which was SO scary yet SO MUCH FUN. and of course, no trip to coney island is really complete without a trip to nathan’s famous to eat their hot dogs. that’s where the have the annual july 4th hot dog eating contest where the record is 68 hot dogs.

i don’t usually like hot dogs and haven’t had one for a long time but i guess these were pretty good. known as the “best hot dog in the world” how could i say it was bad anyways? it was a pretty standard hot dog but i think the more important thing is the experience of eating a nathan’s famous hot dog at coney island.

we started off the next day with brunch at cafe mogador in the east village. they serve moroccan food but also typical brunch-y food on the weekends. i got the eggs benedict which came with a cappuccino and freshly squeezed orange juice. it was SO delicious and the restaurant itself was very cute with good service. we also ordered babaganoush, which is an eggplant dip to eat with pita bread. YUM.

the rest of the afternoon, we walked to chelsea market, across the high line and shopped around herald square. along the way, i had a fresh blueberry peppermint popsicle from a people’s pops stall and we stumbled upon a food truck gathering where we saw the korilla bbq truck that is currently on this season’s great food truck race. so cool!

after walking through the city, we finally made our way to koreatown for dinner. my friend had never had korean food before so we ended up at kunjip. the restaurant was really crowded even though it was already 9pm. new york, truly a city that never sleeps. we each ordered a bibimbab dish, which is basically rice, vegetables in a hot stone pot, and had some soon doo boo, tofu in a seafood stew, on the side. i got the kimchi bibimbab which surprisingly wasn’t too spicy for me. the food was all SO DELICIOUS and we were SO FULL afterwards.

the next day was our last day in the city and had some time in the morning to wander around the lower east side. after stopping in some cupcake shops, we continued our cultural food escapades and ate some knishes for lunch at the yonah schimmel knishery. a knish is a traditionally Jewish snack that is basically like a flaky dough with different fillings inside. my friend and i shared a potato knish and a sweet potato knish. i also ordered a strawberry ricky on the side.

i’ve never had a knish before but it was really good! but also really heavy. it was literally like a pound of mashed potato goodness with a flaky crust. yum.

all in all, an amazing two and a half days spent in new york city! i can’t wait to go back! and what a great place to spend my last weekend before school starts up again.


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