a day on the cape, random baking and vegetables on steroids.

this past saturday, i went down (or is it “up”? i’ve never really understood the difference between the two…) to the cape with my parents! they let me drive which was fun although there ended up being some traffic so we didn’t have time to go to the beach. four years and counting of me not properly going to a beach…i suck. anyways, we walked on main street for a bit, looked at some houses, and then decided to stop for dinner at Kian n’ Rylee’s. they had outer seating which was awesome because the weather was absolutely gorgeous and they had almost 20 varieties of burgers which just made them more awesome.

i ordered the bistro burger which included melted cheddar cheese, bacon, slices of granny smith apple and honey mustard dressing. i’m not usually a big fan of dressings that include mustard but the honey mustard flavor wasn’t too strong. the bacon and apple slices added the perfect crunch and made the burger DELICIOUS. i love a good burger. 🙂 my mom ordered their steak tip sandwich which i would also totally recommend. steak, caramelized onions and melted provolone. yummm.

and when i got home…i was kind of bored so made some classic chocolate chip cookies (so many c’s!) on a whim. super easy and super good! i had some extra chocolate so i dunked some of the cookies in chocolate and added sprinkles for a bit of flair. 

and in other news, my mom’s garden has grown out of control. here’s a picture of how many cucumbers (plus there are even MORE still growing) she’s already harvested. there’s also a zucchini in the mix somewhere.

it’s actually RIDICULOUS how crazy her garden has gotten. needless to say, i have been eating lots and lots of cucumbers these past few weeks. yay for homegrown organic vegetables!


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