leaving san francisco!…but actually stuck at SFO.

eleven weeks away from home and i am finally ready to go back! only thing stopping me? a shortage of workers for united airlines…i’m supposed to be on an airplane right now heading home to boston. instead, here i am, sitting at my gate waiting for my flight that is delayed TWO hours because there aren’t enough crew workers for my flight to take off. apparently united airlines has had to lay off a bunch of workers and have been missing a lot of people this summer. great…

but regardless, this has been an AWESOME week spent in california. it’s my first time coming to san francisco in the summer time, although i’m not sure whether this weather can be considered “summer.” it only reaches about low 70s here in the summer….in comparison to china’s 90s+ and boston’s 80s+, this doesn’t feel so summery. but it was still nice to go to a place with such beautiful weather for the whole week!

i spent my first three days here visiting Yosemite National Park with my parents. this place is HUGE. my dad says the park itself (which is all within california) is the size of rhode island. that is just ridiculous although not hard to believe. driving from SF to the park took three hours and to get anywhere within the park, it took at least one hour. 

in the three days we were there, we visited most of the big touristy sites including tuolumne (pronounced two-all-o-me, as told to us by a park ranger) meadows, glacier point and the valley. the picture above is from glacier point which gives us the best view of Half Dome

if anybody is ever in the mood for some gorgeous site-seeing or camping, i would totally recommend yosemite! 🙂

for the rest of my time here, visting the Google office and going around to farmer’s markets and flea markets! first off, the google office is AH-MAZING. it’s HUGEEEEE. basically like a college campus…but for adults. there are these google bikes lying around for people to use so they can get around. the best part? all employees get free meals and snacks whenever! and the mountain view office has a ton of cafeterias. it’s awesome. there are also bowling alleys, dance studios and massages at the office too. plus, the day i went to visit, there was an impromptu beach party for all the employees. so.awesome. also, the san francisco google office where my sister works also has a tunnel slide going from the third floor to the second floor. more.awesomeness. there is also a photobooth studio. fun  fun fun and also SOOO FREAKIN’ COOL.

the farmer’s market was also really awesome. it’s peach season in california so there were so many peaches at the different stalls! and they also all had free samples! i can’t really tell the difference (but maybe i just didn’t try enough?) but they were all really sweet and delicious! i thought white peaches were a little better than the yellow peaches. there were also a ton of food stalls and food trucks around so for lunch, we got the famous porchetta sandwich from roli roti. the line was pretty long but the sandwich was worth it! the pork was really good and there were these little crunchy bits, which i think was fried pork skin?, that made it even yummier. yay for deliciousness. although, i’m not sure my picture does this awesome sandwich justice. oh well.

i also got some kettle corn from there. so yummy.

after wandering around Japan town for a bit on our last day, we ended up at Katana-Ya for some ramen for dinner. they’re pretty famous for their ramen and for good reason. it was soooo good. and the little restaurant was pretty packed! my family of four people had to squeeze at a table which i’m pretty sure probably can only seat about two people comfortable. 

my dad ordered the Katana-Ya ramen which basically includes everything you could ever want with a bowl of ramen (aka potstickers, pork, fried chicken, corn, vegetables and an egg). Y-U-M. what a great last dinner in san francisco 🙂

i can’t wait to come here again! although i’m not sure when that will be. i guess technically i am still here since they still haven’t called my flight to board… i was pretty stressed earlier that i might miss my flight since i got a bit lost on my subway ride over to the airport (the T beats the san francisco bart system any day…) but now, i’m still sitting here, an hour after my flight was supposed take off and an hour to go until we take off. lame. united airlines sucks but san francisco is still pretty darn awesome! 🙂 


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