shanghai, shanghai, shanghai!

i can safely say that the only things that i have really done in shanghai these past two days are eat, sleep and shop. literally. i’m staying with my grandma and while her apartment is super close to the center of the city, her life is SO simple. she enjoys waking me up at 7 in the morning and at 8 pm, she tells me that it is time to go to bed! yesterday she went to sleep at 7:30! AHHH. i was starting to go crazy from boredom. but one thing that has at least kept me sane (and full!) is the FOOD. shanghai food is so totally something i can never get sick of.

breakfast on my first day here. all of this cost only 15 yuan which is equivalent to about $2.50. AMAZING. and so yummy. we had 绿豆周(lu dou zhou-green bean congee), 小笼包(xiao long bao), various pickled vegetables, and three different types of 饼(bing).

the next day, i went to 城隍庙(cheng huang miao) which has since become a really tourist place in shanghai. they are famous for their 小笼包(xiao long bao) which is basically a special type of bun that has soup in it, meaning you have to be really careful when eating it. while we were there, we also got these pretty swan dessert things! the woman told me the filling was papaya but they didn’t turn out to be as good as i thought they. they were really pretty though!

here’s the famous type of xiao long bao that you are supposed to eat with a straw! first you suck out all the 汤(tang-soup) and then proceed to eat the bun. smart as i am, i attempted to eat it without first drinking all of the soup….yeah, awful idea. the soup basically spilled ALL OVER ME. literally. i know i’m a messy eater but this was like messy-eating to the max. luckily i was wearing a dark colored skirt and it was so hot out that it dried instantly. still…it was gross. for being a half-shanghai native i feel like i clearly need more practice eating these delicious things…fail.

a few days later, i had 超年糕(chao nian gao) which is basically just like stir-fried rice cakes. this is one of my FAVORITE dishes at home and i was SO EXCITED when i saw it at the restaurant. unfortunately, the place we got it from had a little bit of a burnt flavor (LAMEEEE) to it but either way, it is still sooooo gooood. mmm. although i think my dad could have done a better job. 🙂

and finally, random observation about china is that i’ve noticed there are a lot of arcades around! and all the time, they are filled with people and i’ve seen some people who have over 200 coins. they must just sit around there all day! i’ve also seen tons of people obsess over the claw machines trying to win things. i tried a couple of times at an arcade in beijing but failed miserably. 😦 but the most interesting claw machine i have seen yet is the ice cream one. why would i try my luck with an arcade game for an ice cream when i could just buy one myself….?


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