lots and lots of people.

it continues to fascinate me just how many people there are in china. whether it’s waiting in line at the local supermarket, waiting for the subway, standing around in a park, or hanging out at McDonald’s, there seems to always be A LOT of people. it’s like at any place at any time, there is an endless amount of people here. it’s kind of ridiculous.

today, i decided to go shopping at 动批(dong pi) which is this shopping complex across the street from the beijing zoo. shopping complexes like these in china are different from the malls we have in the US. instead of separate individual stores, they are more like endless aisles with stalls that sell clothes. nothing has a price tag but rather you ask the vendor for their selling price and then you bargain to try and get the price you want. for some reason today, there were TONS OF PEOPLE shopping! the aisles were so crowded which made it hard not only to calmly shop but also to breathe. 

and after making it out alive from dong pi (with a few new clothes items), i decided it was time to go to a real mall. this mall was MUCH different. instead of tons of people everywhere, there were hardly any people at all. i often walked into stores where i was the only customer looking around. it was strange to not have to people pushing me to move faster or have people constantly with a couple of inches of me like at 动批.

seeing as i couldn’t afford much in this mall anyway, i decided to buy some snacks instead! immediately after passing by Beard Papa’s, i started to crave cream puffs. (funny how that works…) but the cool thing about their cream puffs is that they are all made to order! rather than keep a supply of cream puffs ready to sell, they individually fill the puff with delicious cream only after you’ve ordered one! needless to say, it was VERY YUMMY. a bit on the pricey side in terms of desserts/snacks that i could buy in china, but still well worth it.

they had opened a branch in Faneuil Hall in boston, but for some reason i think it CLOSED. lame. 😦

on another note, i have re-discovered the wonder of individual jelly snacks! i rarely buy them at home, but they are so cheap here! i got a pack of 30 for only 3.2 yuan (aka fifty cents!!). i have been eating them nonstop (literally…) and think i ate about 8 that i counted as my “breakfast” this morning. WOOPS. but they are quite yummy. a yummy fruit party in my tummy.  awesomeness.


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