saying goodbye to jiaozuo!

my iphoto album of this past month has more photos in it than my album of pictures from freshman year at harvard. even after leaving the orphanage this morning, i keep looking at all of the pictures because the kids all are so cute and adorable. it makes me happy to think of the time i spent with them because i think it was refreshing to be around so many crazy hyper kids after the stressfulness that comes with harvard.

so many kids and so many peace signs! 🙂 i’m going to miss them!

but this morning, i left to go to beijing for a couple of weeks! jiaozuo is kind of in the middle of nowhere which meant i had to take a car to zhengzhou and then a train from there to beijing. i was originally going to take a bus to zhengzhou but yanfang suggested that i take a taxi service that she knew of instead. i agreed but was surprised this morning when i found out it was a black taxi. so i ended up sitting in the middle seat of this random car driven by a random guy with three other random people for an hour and a half until i got to the zhengzhou train station. needless to say, it was one of the sketchiest and not fun hours. but it’s okay because i got to the train station with twenty minutes to spare and was the first one on my train!

the train ride was pretty long but at first i was sitting next to a bunch of old people who seemed to be coming back from a vacation. they were so cute laughing along with each other and constantly cracking jokes with each other. i hope that when i get old, i’ll have a group of friends like that too! it was funny because they were fascinated by the fact that the seats could recline and that there were tray tables and a place to fill up their water bottles.

snacks for the train ride: hard boiled eggs from the orphanage (my first eggs in three weeks! ah), koala bears, peach juice (SO GOOOOD), mini sesame biscuits, and 3+2 coffee sandwich cookies. YUMMY! and after five hours, i finally arrived in beijing!

i’m going to have to be really independent in beijing, figuring out my way around and how to get places. i’m a bit nervous but also kind of excited to see what happens these next few weeks!


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