i recently learned that the reason the older kids don’t go to real school is because there is nobody to bring them there. the orphanage that i am at was built just last summer which means that the kids all USED to go to school when they were in the old building. the old building was just a couple of blocks away from the local school while this new building is basically in the middle of nowhere. this annoys me because it’s not like any of the older kids have any mental disabilities and they all totally have the capacity to GO to real school. they just don’t because they can’t get there… seriously, that’s not fair.

so yesterday, we taught the kids a couple of english animal words and told them that they would be quizzed today. they rarely actually retain any of the information because they are so unmotivated to study! they are all really smart kids who just haven’t been fostered with the motivation to study. i think the teachers/administration here have kind of given up on them because they are getting older and most likely will never get adopted. that’s just SO UNFAIR. gah. china’s system just seems so wrong to me. these kids are just as smart as any other kids yet haven’t really been given the opportunity to do anything besides be isolated in the orphanage all day long. 😦 sigh.

on a lighter note, I FREAKIN’ HATE MOSQUITOES!!!!!! could not sleep last night because they kept buzzing around. and i woke up this morning to four new bug bites in the worst places: on my foot, on my cheek, in between my fingers, and worst of all, ON MY LIP. really mosquitoes?? thanks a lot… and when i get bug bites in china, they swell up like no other. my top lip is now basically twice as big as before. joy.


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