sandwiches and good friends.

i can’t believe there is only one month left to freshman year. it has flown by and while it’s had definitely had its ups and downs, i still am in disbelief that it’s over. i’m trying to spend the next two weeks not too stressed and just be in good company.

on friday, my best friend from bc came for a visit! while we gchat and facebook each other quite a lot, being together is just completely different. we walked around the river, talked about our lives and decided to try something new for dinner! we ended up at Daedalus, thinking it wouldn’t be too pricey after looking at the menu outside. little did we know that the menu we looked at was actually the lunch one (oops!) but the food sounded so good that we couldn’t resist.  

there was complimentary pita bread and hummus! at first, we couldn’t tell it was hummus, but figured it out eventually. 

i ordered the cuban sandwich (with pickles on the side…for my friend to eat). it had chipotle mayo, roasted pork+ham, onions and swiss cheese all on grilled ciabatta bread. the sandwich was SO good! everything was perfectly melted and fit really well together. the bread was really crisp too. yummm. a little bit pricey, but totally worth it.

i tried to tell myself that i would eat out less this semester. but honestly, that’s way too hard when there’s so much temptation around! the next day, what was supposed to be a one hour lunch turned into a 3 hour lunch + cafe + chatting about life date with my friend. she finally brought me to darwin’s, a place i had only heard delicious rumors about.

they’re pretty well known for their sandwiches and all the fun names they have for them. i ordered the fayerweather (turkey, swiss, sundried tomato-pesto-mayo, lettuce, tomato) on wheat. there were no seats in darwin’s so we wandered over to Crema Cafe to get drinks and find a place to eat.

i got some of their freshly squeezed orange limeade, which was definitely refreshing (even though it was a rainy day). the sandwich was so good and my friend and i definitely bonded over our love for food. she told me about all the delicious food she ate in korea and i can’t wait to maybe even go there someday. 

i had a lot to do yesterday, but i was so glad i took those three hours of my day to just eat good food and chat away with my friend. we literally discussed anything and everything. we only just met towards the beginning of this semester but we’ve already grown so close and i can’t wait for more friend meetings that consist of good conversation and good food. 🙂


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