i went to a matt wertz concer the other day with a really good friend of mine! we got there really early so we had awesome seats (literally RIGHT in front of his face).  a few things i learned from the concert: 1) matt wertz spits and sweats. a lot. 2) drunk girls who talk right behind you for the entire concert are really enjoying. 3) ben rector, the opening guy for matt wertz, might actually be a better singer/songwriter, just less famous.

anyways, after the concert, we decided to grab dinner at Jacob Wirth, which apparently is supposed to be a Boston classic. even though it was pretty late to have dinner, the restaurant was pretty packed.  i wanted to try something new and saw the category “Wursts” and decided to give it a try. i’m still not entirely sure what wursts are (sausages maybe?) but the waiter recommended i get Steamed Bratwurst: Ground Beef, Pork and Onions with a side of sweet potato fries. 

for staters, the service here was SUPER fast. literally less than ten minutes after we had ordered, the food was right in front of us. and it was hot too! however, i have to say that this wurst was not as cool as i had expected. literally was a sausage on a bed of onions on a roll. i could have totally done that by myself for much cheaper…. and the onions kind of had a weird after taste to them.  still, the sweet potato fries were super crispy and really good!

not sure if i’d go again, but if i do, i’d want to order a burger! the Smokey Mountain Burger and Bacon, Egg and Cheese Burger both sound yummy!


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