i guess it’s pretty obvious by now that i love food. especially good food. and i just can’t seem to get enough of it.  i’ll admit, i’ve probably had wayy too much food for my own good the past two days (pretty sure i’ve gained at least 3lbs..woops), but every single bite was totally worth it.  you can never have too much of a good thing…right?

i used to really not be a fan of chocolate at all. for some reason, as a kid, i told everybody that i HATED chocolate and often refused to eat chocolate cake, brownies or even hershey’s kisses. but oh my, things have definitely changed. i think that dark chocolate has definitely become one of my guilty pleasures.  good thing one of the best chocolate stores around (Burdick’s) is right in the middle of Harvard sq. i went there to pick up a giftcard and ended up leaving with two mini chocolates as well.

the penguin is SO adorable and makes me really happy! (okay so maybe i am still a little bit bitter about being a cabot fish instead of a quincy penguin…) the one on the right is a Pavé Glacé: a decadent cube of ground hazelnuts, saffron, dark chocolate, cocoa butter and butter. yum. while they were a bit small for my liking (and definitely a bit more pricey than i would have liked), they were REALLY good.  and seriously, a chocolate penguin? i don’t think there is anything cuter out there.

that night, we went out to celebrate my roommate’s birthday!  because it was Restaurant Week in boston, she decided to Elephant Walk in porter square. i had been there a couple of times in the past and all i could remember was that the restaurant was poorly lit…but this time, i was much more looking forward to the food. Restaurant Week meant that we were given the option of choosing three courses for a set price. there weren’t that many options but all of them sounded pretty delicious!

for my first course, i chose the Ravioles de Mousse de Crevettes, Crème de Mis. seeing as i don’t speak french at all, thank goodness for the below description: shrimp and scallion mousse ravioles with a spicy cream-laced blonde miso sauce and diced buttercup squash.

there really wasn’t very much to these “raviolis”.  the sauce was good but honestly, it just tasted like a shrimp wrapped in some doughy skin. nothing special.  all of the entree options sounded awesome though. with eggplant being my favorite vegetable and pork being my favorite type of meat, i chose the Porc Diplomat: grilled pork tenderloin sliced and served over grilled eggplant with a creamy caramelized garlic and black pepper sauce, with wild lime rice and flash-fried leek.

i was semi-disappointed with the amount of eggplant i got (it’s hidden somewhere under all that meat) but the pork and sauce were really good. i also couldn’t seem to taste the caramelized onions that were mentioned in the description. the cool part about this dish though was the rice presentation. while i didn’t actually like the taste of the rice so much (it had a weird ginger-y feel to it), it came in a PYRAMID shape. who even owns a pyramid shaped bowl?? so cool. even though we had bought a cake for my roommate’s birthday, i still decided to order a dessert as my third course-Le Péché au Chocolat: a rich, creamy, chocolate truffle cake perfectly paired with raspberry sauce. seriously, how could i pass up something that sounded THAT good?

the chocolate cake was really rich, almost to the point of a brownie, but the raspberry sauce made it awesome. mmmm. and the other cake that we bought for our roommate was spongecake with really light frosting and strawberries in the middle. omg. sooo good. let’s just say i left this meal feeling full. VERY FULL.

but clearly, not full enough because today, i went out to eat dinner with my best friend. yay more food. if it wasn’t obviously i loved food before, it should be pretty obvious by now. we wound up in chinatown and decided to try something different and ended up at My Thai Vegan Cafe. neither of us are vegetarians and i’ve never really had veggie-meat before, but wanted to gave it a try. i order the Yellow Noodles with veggie-chicken. 

the veggie-chicken was kind of strange at first. it had a pretty chicken-y taste to it, but definitely a lot more rubber-y of a texture. definitely would prefer real chicken over this stuff, but i think i could survive being a vegetarian if i got to eat veggie-chicken all the time. maybe. i came into the restaurant not feeling very hungry, but ended up finishing the entire plate of noodles anyways. woops.

i always say i’m full after a meal but clearly i always lie to myself, because even after being “full” from all the noodles, my friend and i somehow ended up at the new Pinkberry on newbury street and each got some frozen yogurt. 

look at the cute little animal crackers! i loooove animal crackers and was extra excited when the guy behind the counter put them so cutely on to my mango fro yo. YUM. and as much as i love berryline, i think the mochi at pinkberry is a little better. 

after eating so much in the past two days, i really don’t think i can ever eat again. tooo full. but we all know that’s not going to happen… i indulge in yummy foods way too much for my own good. i’m thinking maybe it’s time to hit the gym?


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