sea urchin…?

this past weekend, my sister was home from california! her birthday also just passed so she got to pick the restaurant we would go eat at.  we ended up at Porter Sq and went to eat at Blue Fin. I haven’t had real japanese food ( i don’t think sushi from the lamont library cafe counts) in a while so i was really excited!

Blue Fin is pretty well known for their sushi and all the options on the menu looked so yummy that we decided to go family style for the dishes and share everything. we first started off with some appetizers:


the one on the right is pork belly in steamed buns, which i think is called buta no kakuni. the portions were a little smaller than we had hoped but it was delicious! and the one on the right looks kind of weird, but it was actually so yummy! i think it’s called nasu dengaku in japanese but it essentially was baked eggplant and miso. seeing as eggplant is by far my favorite vegetable ever, i thought this was really goood! a perfect way to start off the meal.

as for the rest of the meal, we order a sushi combo, katsu don, and the shrimp tempura udon.

i think katsu don may have to be added to my list of favorite dishes ever. it’s basically just a pork cutlet with eggs and onions over a bed of rice but something about it is SO good. the pork was perfectly tender and had a really good flavor to it. YUM.

my sister helped to pick the sushi for our combo. although i prefer sushi rolls over nigiri, we still ordered a combo of a bunch of different kinds of nigiri.  we ordered pretty standard ones like tamago yaki (egg), tuna, and red snapper along with a few random ones!

of the nigiri we ordered, i would have to say that my favorites were the egg and the cooked eel. mmmm. i love sushi. but of course, the foodie that my sister is, she wanted to be adventurous and ordered uni (sea urchin), salmon roe, and flying fish roe.

so i’m not really the type to try new things and, maybe it was just me, but the sea urchin was not looking so appetizing. last time i ate sea urchin in china, it tasted like (excuse my language) poo. it was pretty gross. and the idea of eating fish eggs aka fish babies kind of freaks me out. my mom and sister raved about how good it was so i decided to give both a try.

i took a tiny bite and what did the sea urchin taste like? poo. i did not like it at all. but hey, i’m not one to judge so maybe you’ll like it! i guess it must have an acquired taste. anyways, the flying fish roe wasn’t as strange as the salmon roe.  whereas the salmon roe is literally like biting into a ball of fishy juice, the flying fish roe was just like eating super small crunchy pebbles. can’t say i’ll be ordering either anytime soon.

but overall, i was REALLY stuffed after the meal.  i am now officially a BIG fan of katsu don and not such a big fan of uni/sea urchin. all in all, Blue Fin was awesomely delicious! but next time i get a chance to go to porter square, i definitely want to check out the ramen stall. classy ramen that does not come in a microwaveable package? YUM.


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