courage, confindence, character.

back in the day, i used to be a girl scout.  sure, all the camping and badge earning was fun, but, by far, the best part was the girl scout cookies.  i never was very good selling at them (the one year i sold over 250+ was when my sister helped me sell them to her college friends), but hey, i was great at eating them.

when i found out that they were selling them at the harvard t stop, i was SO EXCITED. since my troop sort of disbanded in high school and we stopped selling cookies, i have been deprived of the awesomeness of girl scout cookies for about four years. aside from the occasional eating of one or two cookies, i haven’t actually had my own boxes of girl scout cookies for a while. so thus, when i found out, i immediately got some cash to get me some delicious cookies.

i had never really thought about it before, but northeast girl scout cookies are different from other regional cookies. instead of “peanut butter patties” the south calls them “tag-a-longs” and instead of “caramel deLites” they call them “samoas”  so strange. but you know what it made me realize?  maybe up in the northeast, we just need more literal names. none of this “do-si-do” stuff, we need the real name: peanut butter sandwiches. 

at first, i only started off with these five boxes. peanut butter sandwiches and caramel delites are my absolute FAVES. yum yum. also, the pictures on the boxes have not changed since i first started selling cookies in third grade. except they got a new cute little asian for the thanks-a-lot (which aren’t even in a box anymore! ah)

but then, suddenly, my collection grew to:

ah overload of girl scout cookies! okay, not really because nobody can ever have too many girl scout cookies. now i have seven boxes, which honestly won’t take me as long to finish as i probably think. and no, i did not buy another two boxes because i wanted more (although i secretly did) but my roommate got them from a friend. so YAY more cookies for us 🙂

delicious. there is something about the tradition of girl scout cookies that never goes away. while they’re a pretty hefty price per box, they are SO totally worth it. after all, they only come out once a year.

for now, they will be sitting on my bookshelf while my roommate and i slowly finish all of them. honestly, i have a feeling they’ll be gone within a month.


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