the art (and TASTE) of leadership.

there was a food panel of awesome food people at harvard today! and the best part of it? FREE (and delicious!!!) food afterwards. yum. life does not get much better.

starting from the left, there was:

Jesse Winder, founder and owner of Karma Yoga Studio and Tea Cafe

Matthew Wallace, co-founder and owner of BerryLine

Jerome Picca, owner of Small Plates and head chef of Adams Dining Hall at Harvard

Joanna Chang, owner of flour and co-owner of Myers+Chang

Steve “Nookie” Postal, exec. chef of the Boston Red Sox

seriously, what an awesome group of people.  they talked about being leaders in their field and about how they had switched careers (matt wallace has a PhD in Biochemistry and now just runs BerryLine as his job!).  they also talked about using innovation and how they named though up names for their restaurants.  it was really cool to hear from them because three out of the five of them hadn’t began their careers in the restaurant industry but now have really well running restaurants/bakeries.

of course, the best part was when they had the free food sampling at the end. YAY.

they had cheese+crackers, pita chips+hummus, crostini+pesto, lobster rolls, mochi+chocolate chip cookes+granola (from BerryLine) and a selection of cakes/cheesecakes (from Finale)

here’s a close-up:

drool. the lobster roll was SO good. as was the chocolate cake. yum yum yum.

i sincerely hope that Harvard has more free food events like this in the future!!


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