food blog post #1: new exotic adventures!

i’ve decided that i want to start a food blog! we’ll see how long this lasts but i guess i’ll just try to incorporate more restaurant outings/baking escapades/recipes into my current tumblr. yay!

so here goes…

i’ve always been a pretty picky eater growing up. my mom once asked if i was given the choice to try something completely new but had really good reviews or eat something that i was already familiar with, what i would choose.  i said i would definitely go for something that i already knew tasted good. why risk eating something new that you just end up not liking?  but i guess this attitude has refrained me from trying a lot of random foods that a lot of people actually really like. 

but yesterday, since karen (my roommate) and i had to go into boston to watch a musical, we decided it would be a fun time to go out for dinner too!  unlike me, she loves trying new cuisines, so after some protest from me, we settled on getting Ethiopian food at Addis Red Sea.  

since neither of us had ever had Ethiopian food before and all of the dishes were completely foreign to us, we ended up just asking the waitress who suggested we just get the combo dish, which had a little bit of everything.  so i guess what we ended up ordering was:

Doro Wot, Doro Alcha, Lega Tibs, Zenge (Exotic Beef Stew), House Salad and Gomen Wot.

uhm, WHAT? english please. so a simple lesson in some Ethiopian (according to their menu):

Doro Wot= Tender chicken marinated in lemon sauteed in seasoned butter and stewed in a red pepper sauce, flavored with onions, garlic and giner root with a pinch of cardamoms and nutmeg.

Doro Alcha= Chicken simmered in a mild sauce of butter, ginger and onions.

Lega Tibs= Beef chunks sauteed in oil seasoned with onions, green peppers, rosemary and black pepper.

Gomen Wot= Chopped collard greens cooked in herbed oil with onions, green pepper and garlic.

my favorite of the night? definitely the Lega Tibs. Although the Zenge aka Exotic Beef Stew was a pretty close second.

all in all, it was a pretty good meal. i can’t say that ethiopian is my favorite cuisine out there but i’m glad i ventured out and tried it! it’s a bit messy (no utensils involved, just hands) and has a very indian-food feel to it. 

not sure if i’ll be going back again super soon, but next time i go, i think i’ll order the ZilZil Tibs. not only does it have an awesome sounding name, the description says that it is made with the help of “exotic herbs”. yay exotic-ness!


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