legit had one of the most amazing saturdays ever. 

first off, yani and sam came to visit from princeton! i haven’t seen sam in almost a year and a half so it was so nice to talk to them again. i could seriously go on talking with yani and sam for hours and it feels like nothing has changed.  

our saturday activities: went to OAASIS/AAB mixer where yani and sam posed as harvard students and where we met amazing people, had lunch at felipes, went to newbury street, shopped, ate at jp licks, ate at bertucci’s [caramelized onion pizza = love], met up with darry to go to the bls girls’ volleyball play off game, hung out in yehna’s room, celebrate yani’s birthday!!, ate at finale [chocolate molten cake = best.thing.i.have.ever.had], watched movie trailers because we couldn’t find any good streaming movies, chatted.

and now we’re about to go to the creperia before they leave. 

all in all, this has been a weekend filled with love, happiness, fun pictures and of course, delicious food. life does not get much better than this. ❤


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